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Corm Orp was a small town in the Western Heartlands on the Dusk Road. In the mid–14th century DR, it was dominated by halflings and led by a human mayor. It was the fastest-growing settlement of halflings north of Luiren.[2]


The halflings of Corm Orp grew a variety of grapes, including a strain known as "blue eyes," to produce sour wines and grape-based dyes for export. They kept goat and sheep in the hills overlooking the settlement, whose hair and wool respectively were occasionally used to make blankets for export.[1]

Beyond farm goods, the people of Corm Orp produced pottery from nearby, rich deposits of clay.[1]


It was situated in screaming distance of Darkhold to the east. Rumors told that the halflings of Corm Orp could only exist there as a result of some deals with the Zhentarim. It was said that they received promises of protection for information on rival caravans, adventurers, and whatever else passed through the town's zone of control. But to state such rumors aloud was the best way to get into trouble.[3]


The militia of Corm Orp had thirty human members who wore chain with green felt strips on their right arms and left thighs. There were also thirty or forty halfling militia members who preferred not to identify themselves in public and attacked from in hiding or overlooked places.[3]

Notable Locations[]

Inns and Taverns
  • The Hungry Halfling was a favorite tavern and inn.[2]