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Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves is an Arcane Age sourcebook about the lost elven kingdom of Cormanthyr. It was published in 1998 by TSR after it became a subsidiary of Wizards of the Coast.

Step into the past of 650 DR and experience the sights, sounds, and innumerable wonders of fabled Myth Drannor at its height. Walk the wooded glades of Cormanthyr, the last major elven empire on Faerûn, and discover marvelous secrets lost to the Realms of the present day.

This Arcane Age campaign expansion for the Forgotten Realms setting contains all the information necessary to begin either a full-fledged Cormanthyran campaign or a journey back in time some 700 years to see the City of Song at its most glorious.

This 160-page book contains exhaustive details on the history, culture, military, society, and citizens of the forest nation of Cormanthyr. Features include a timeline of elven history in Toril, a rundown of Cormanthyr's ruler and important individuals, plus more information on the city of Myth Drannor at its height as well as on the communities of Semberholme and the Tangled Vale. In addition, a new specialty wizard, the elven dualist, is introduced and detailed.

Also included is a large section that gives the reader knowledge of the elves' magical rites, rituals, and unique magical weapons and items. Features include new and expanded rules on the elves' potent High Magic, moonblades, and the multitude of magics that helped make Myth Drannor the glittering gem of Faerûn that it was. Finally, a two-sided, full-color map of the nation of Cormanthyr and an aerial view of Myth Drannor complete this exciting package—the largest collection of elven lore ever.


Written by Steven E. Schend and Kevin Melka, this AD&D Second Edition source book contains information on the physiology and mindset of elves; the history of the elves; Cormanthyr, Myth Drannor, Semberholme, the Tangled Vale, the Elven Court, and Windsong Tower; elven magic, including notable elves of the Art such as the Srinshee, mythals, and magical items; and more.


  • Campaign Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Elven Mindset
  • Chapter 2: The Elven Ages
  • Chapter 3: Cormanthyr's Civilization
  • Chapter 4: Myth Drannor, City of Song
  • Chapter 5: Semberholme
  • Chapter 6: The Tangled Vale
  • Chapter 7: Mysteries of Elven Court
  • Chapter 8: Cormanthyr's Citizenry
  • Chapter 9: Magic of the People
  • Chapter 10: Mythals
  • Chapter 11: Magical Items
  • Appendix: The Secrets of Windsong Tower



Otaehryn HawksongSudryl Aeravansel


CormanthyrElven CourtMyth DrannorSemberholmeTangled ValeWindsong Tower




elven minstrel



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