Cormyr: A Novel, by Ed Greenwood and Jeff Grubb, was originally written as a stand-alone book. It later became the first book in The Cormyr Saga, which chronicles the end of King Azoun IV's rule of Cormyr.

The Epic Historical Saga of the Most Powerful Nation in the Realms

Cormyr has been ruled by the Obarskyr family since its inception one and a half millennia ago. Now its king, Azoun IV, lies on his deathbed, and the vultures are circling, hoping to usurp the throne for their own. Against this crisis of state, the history of the Forest Kingdom unfolds, relating the previously untold story of a nation, its rulers, and its wizards.

Cormyr: A Novel is the epic historical saga of the most powerful nation in the Forgotten Realms fantasy world, as told by the world's co-creators.

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GaladosGwennathJunstal HalarnTessaraThanorbert
Marsember Pox

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