Coronal is the title of a Faerûnian elven monarch who rules over a singular elven realm such as ancient Jhyrennstar or Aryvandaar, or an empire such as Cormanthyr. The reign of a Coronal is called a Rysar, which begins and ends with the rule of a single elf.

A Coronal's reign is monarchial and rules over all. The word of a Coronal is the word of law. Among the elves, a Coronal is considered "speaker among the trees with Corellon's voice and bidding". Unlike other monarchs, the inheritance of the position of Coronal is not automatically hereditary, but through chosen heirs. Many see the position as Coronal as primarily responsible for keeping the people of the realm together and maintaining unity.[1] While a Coronal's rule is absolute, some elven kingdoms chose to make him answerable to his local rulers or to his High Mages, such as did Cormanthyr. After the establishment of Elven Court, the Coronals at the time took much advice from that ruling body as well.[2]

Realms Ruled by Coronals[edit | edit source]

The following elven realms were (or may have been) ruled by a Coronal.[3] Those marked as "disputed" lack historical reference to a Coronal, though given their time of existence, it is likely they had such a ruler as all the elven kingdoms of the time and area did.

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