Corpselight was a necromantic spell with an alteration component[note 1] that was generally known in Faerûn.[1][3]


This spell caused a body, either dead or undead, to give off a faint radiance, from a thin nimbus outline to a full torch-like aura. The brightness was adjustable by the caster as long as he or she was within 30 ft (9.1 m) of the body. The glow was spread out evenly over the corpse and did not flicker. This emanation was not harmful to the undead and could last for a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the level of the caster. The surface area of the corpse(s) was a limiting factor in how many corpses could be affected—many dead rats could be set aglow, or a couple of halfling zombies, or one elvish skeleton, for example. More experienced wizards could affect more and larger bodies.[1][3] Not all forms of undead could be the target of this spell. Gaseous creatures like wraiths could be lit up,[3] but ghosts could not.[1]


Verbal, somatic, and material components were required for this spell, including a corpse, a pinch of saltpeter, and a piece of a glowworm or a speck of phosphorus. The color of the glow could be specified as part of the verbal component as being white, yellow, green, amber, or red.[1][3]



  1. Alteration specialists (transmuters) could not cast corpselight due to the major necromantic component, but non-specialist wizards and necromancers were able to utilize this spell.


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