Corran D'Arcey was a noble-born paladin son of Baron Ethelred D'Arcey of Sarshel who was a member of the Veiled Ones circa 1369 DR.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Even though he was not as big and imposing as his fellow Veiled One, Durwyn, Corran D'Arcey was still quite formidable at 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall. His eyes were gray, often advertising his cold and steely personality. His eyes darkened, and facial features were contorted with rage as he battled forces of evil. It all, however, melted away into serenity during his prayers or giving medical aid to his companions. When he answered a call from Elminster, Corran was still a young man of only twenty-three years old.[1]

He usually wore a simple helmet that covered his short black hair, and he proudly displayed the holy symbol of Tyr which he wore above his heavy armor around his neck.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Even though he was young when the circumstances plunged him into adventure, he already was overly confident of himself, his calling to serve Tyr, and the righteousness of his opinions. Born into nobility, his upbringing and privilege made him blind to the struggles of others, and charity was simply something to brag about and feel superior over.[1]

Many of his morals were informed by romanticized ideas of honor, and these notions and life outlook were never challenged until his adventures in Myth Drannor among the Veiled Ones. His outlooks slowly became more grounded in reality and informed by moral complexity as well as his constant interactions and conflicts with Kestrel, a rogue and an extremely practical and levelheaded woman.[1]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a paladin, Corran could detect evil, provide small amounts of healing via divine magic, cure diseases, inspire his comrades with the aura of courage, as well as turn undead and smite evil. As part of his training, he was taught to handle most simple and martial weapons and fight in all types of armor.[1]

He was a skilled healer and was a capable diplomat. However, that particular skill was often undermined by his personal biases and disdain for rogues and perceived evil and chaos.[1]

Being raised in a noble family, he had knowledge of nobility-related, and religious topics. His upbringing also taught him elven, orcish, and celestial languages.[1]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

His gear of note during the adventures in Myth Drannor included a masterfully crafted dwarven plate armor, a large steel +2 enchanted shield of necromantic spell turning, a silver longsword with a +2 enchantment he named the Pathfinder, and a holy symbol of Tyr.[1]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Corran's indoctrination into rigid morals often led him to assume default leadership as he did with the Veiled Ones. However, his leadership was guided by idealism, lack of experience, and bullheaded bravado that led to the death of Emmeric. This often brought him to butt heads with Kestrel. The fact that the woman was a rogue made the antagonism even worse.[1]

Corran respected Durwyn's strength in battle and Ghleanna Stormlake's magical prowess. In return, they accepted the paladin's de facto leadership in the group's initial outing. However, in Kestrel's opinion, the man needed to learn humility.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Corran was the third son born to Baron Ethelred D'Arcey, the patriarch of the long line of paladins, D'Arcey noble family of Sarshel. The Baron and all of his sons were devote followers of Tyr's dogma as per the family tradition. Thus Corran absorbed the Tyran doctrine from the cradle, cementing his molars and faith early on. He grew up knowing his place in life and his duties to become a paladin of his deity.[1]

Starting from an early age, Corran received military training at a neighboring noble's estate, Baron Artur Gheinte's as was the tradition between the two families to train each other's heirs. The religious training was provided by the local Sarshel temple of Tyr. In 1362 DR, at the age of sixteen, Corran took his paladin vows and subsequently participated in several military campaigns against monster invaders of Impiltur. However, despite his accomplishments, he felt overshadowed by the family's legacy and his father and brothers' names. To prove himself, Corran decided to leave lmpiltur to find a way of serving Tyr on his own terms, growing himself worthy of his family name and his god.[1]

In 1369 DR, Corran D'Arcey heard the murmurs of pool of radiance reawakening in Phlan of the Moonsea and without hesitation he volunteered himself to the just cause.[1]

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