Corrosive grasp was a conjuration spell that produced acid on the caster's hand.[2][3]


As mentioned above, corrosive grasp produced glistening acid on the caster's hand. This acid smoked, but was harmless to the caster and his or her belongings, but dangerous to any other person and object. This acid could be weaponized by touching something or someone with the acid-coated hand. It could be put to especially devastating effect when successfully wrestling with the target.[2][3]

The acid remained on the hand for a time that increased with the caster's skill.[2][3]


Corrosive grasp required somatic and verbal components.[2][3]


The church of Ghaunadaur managed to convert corrosive touch into a spell that could be cast by their clerics who were introduced to Ghaunadaur's secrets.[1]


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