It has been said that the corsairs who infest the Great Sea plague the Free Cities like unto a swarm of locusts. They give nothing to Zakhara or the Grand Caliph's people. They do no labor, nor do they produce fine goods for trade, nor do they offer services. "What, then, is their reason for existing in the Land of Fate?" you ask. And I reply, "To test the resolve of the faithful."
  — Akil min Kor[1]

Corsairs were the warriors of the sea in Zakhara.[2][note 1]


Corsairs had no special requirements, but rangers could not become corsairs.[2]

Role Edit

These warriors were free spirited and possessed adventurous souls. They prowled the borders of civilized society in search of easy prey or high adventure, sailing wherever their hearts desired. Corsairs often had a bad reputation that was unfounded. Many believed all corsairs to be simple pirates, but there were plenty of good-hearted corsairs sailing the seas surrounding the Land of Fate.[2]

Equipment Edit

A wide range of weaponry was available to corsairs, but they rarely wore armor heavier than regular or studded leather.[2]

Benefits Edit

Many corsairs were skilled in using two weapons at once.[2]

Hindrances Edit

Corsairs typically refrained from wearing heavy armor as it presented the danger of drowning while at sea. Many in Zakhara viewed corsairs with disdain, causing the warriors to be looked down upon by other members of society who were aware of their profession.[2]

Appendix Edit


  1. Corsair was a fighter class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.

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