The Corsair Domains consisted of a number of small islands in the Great Sea off the northern coast of Zakhara. They were the holdouts of the pirates in this region, and the different areas, villages, and hiding-places in the Corsair Domains were ruled by whichever brigand or former captain could grab power. The only real city here, Hawa, was no exception.[2]

Despite this anarchic bent, most inhabitants claimed overall loyalty to the Grand Caliph and the Law of the Loregiver. In contrast to most of Zakhara, slavery was despised by the corsairs, possibly in part because the mamluks of Qudra were their greatest enemies.[2]

Unlike the Nelanther in the Trackless Sea near Amn[3] and the Pirate Isles of old in the Inner Sea,[4] piracy was not the main activity, though it was an important one. Much of the corsairs' plundering was directed toward the north, considered barbaric by Zakharans in general. Ship-building, smuggling, adventuring, and trade were other important ways of income.[2]



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