The Principality of the Corsairs' Sea was the northwestern principality of Tethyr,[3] the official domain of the heir to the throne, and the original homeland of the Tethyrian tribes.[1]


Located north of the Starspire Mountains,[3] the principality encompassed the Dragon's Neck Peninsula and the Forest of Tethir.[1] The territory officially contained three duchiesCape Velen, Noromath, and Durmista[3]—yet the latter two were not directly controlled by the queen, being the home of the elves of Wealdath.[1][4]

Though it covered a large portion of land, most of the Principality of the Corsairs' Sea was forested and thus sparsely populated. The most notable city in the region was Velen.[5]


On paper, the principality was ruled in 1370 DR by the heir to the throne of Tethyr, the Princess Sybille Rhindaun. However, as she was only a small child at that time, her authority passed to her regent and father, King Haedrak Rhindaun III.[1]


The founding twelve clans of Tethyr originated in this region.[1]




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