Coton was the high priest of Qotal in Nexal until 1361 DR.[1][page needed]


Coton was the leader of the Qotal's faith in all Maztica and like all high priests of his god he had made vow of silence. Despite his silence Coton was an appreciate advisor of both Naltecona and his nephew Poshtli, that used his presence to express all their doubts.[1]

He assisted at the arrive of the Golden Legion in Nexal, knowing this was a sign of the imminent return of his god.[2] He survived at the Night of Wailing, hiding in the house of the artisan Lotil in Palul. He and the artisan met Erixitl and Halloran in Tewahca, where at last the god Qotal reappeared but was soon defeated by the avatar of Zaltec.[3]

He went with Halloran's party to Twin Visages, the only other place where Qotal can be summoned. They arrived there together with the Ancient Ones driders servants of Zaltec and soon started a fight. With their servants appeared also both the avatars of Qotal and Zaltec. Coton fought with the drider leader Darien and their battle mirrored the near battle between the two gods. Coton however saw all the destruction upon the lands unlashed by the gods and brooking his vow asked to Halloran to kill both him and Darien in order to banish the two gods. Halloran hesitated but no Poshtli that quickly killed the two, banishing the gods and saving Maztica by total destruction[3]

Coton also wrote the Chronicles of Coton, that detailed all that happened in Maztica regarding the clash of gods and his thinkings and fear about.[1][3][2]




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