The Council of Guilds ran the daily affairs of Daggerford.[1]


Imitating the masked Lords of Waterdeep, the council members wore masks and shrouded themselves in robes to hide their identities at council meetings, but everyone in Daggerford knew who the council members were.[1]

The council consisted of the heads of the town's loose, informal trade guilds: the Smiths' Guild, the Merchants' Guild, the Tanners' Guild, the Farmers' Guild, the Watermen's Guild, the Rivermen's Guild, the Taverners' Guild, and a handful of others.[citation needed]

The council also included the head of the militia, the duke's master-at-arms, and the chief priests of the town's four primary religions: Chauntea, Lathander, Tempus, and Tymora.[2]



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