The Council of Mages was a primarily advisory group of arcane spellcasters who served the Forest Kingdom and its king directly.


While the War Wizards would focus purely on military matters, it was the Council's job to advise the king on all matters magical (thereby helping to craft the laws governing magic), create magic items for the royal family, and battle the most dire of magical threats to Cormyr[1]. All available members of the Council met once every month to hear the concerns of arcane spellcasters in Cormyr and consider all applicants who wished to join the War Wizards.[2]


In 1284 DR, when Rhigaerd II was prevented from ascending the throne by Salember, the War Wizards were divided in their loyalties. Two years later, the Royal Magician Jorunhast made the executive decision to kill Salember but, in doing so, was exiled for murdering a member of the royal family. The position of Royal Magician was disbanded and without a single polarizing individual to lead them, the War Wizards were gravely weakened and lost a lot of power and prestige.

Rhigaerd eventually reversed his decision in 1306 DR and appointed Vangerdahast as the new Royal Magician. In an attempt to prevent such a disaster happening to the group again, Vangerdahast took several elite War Wizards and magic item crafters renowned for their loyalty to Cormyr and created a separate group he called the Council of Mages.[1]


The Royal Magician was always the head of the Council. However, after Vangerdahast disappeared and was replaced by Caladnei, the young wizardess, who had always been uncomfortable with officiousness, delegated the duty of chairing meetings of the Council to Laspeera Inthré until Laspeera replaced Caladnei as Royal Magician in 1399 DR.[2]


To join the Council, one had to be invited to do so and also had to swear a blood oath to do no harm to Cormyr or its crown (in that order).[1].


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