The Council of Sparkling Stones was an elected[1] council in Mirabar.[2] Members swore an oath of loyalty to Mirabar and its marchion.[3] It met each fall to plan the year ahead and organize trade agreements.[4]


As of 1368 DR, the Council comprised 42 members. Of these, 10 were shield dwarves and 32 were humans, and 16 councilors were female, and 26 were male. The marchion (at that time, Elastul Raurym) was the chief justice. Elections were held annually in the spring to determine the new members who would take their positions at the next meeting in the fall.[5]


The Council met once a year in the fall, usually over four days. There was an informal discussion, then a chance for short, formal speeches, then a secret ballot to decide upon what had been discussed. The marchion then traveled to the cities in the south to personally bring the news and to negotiate trade, acquiring deals for luxuries not available in Mirabar.[5]

Notable MembersEdit