The Council of Spiders was an organization of drow wizards who sought representation on the Ruling Council of Menzoberranzan.[1]


In the late 15th century DR, minor wizards of various noble houses of Menzoberranzan (most prominently House Xorlarrin and House Barrison Del'Armgo) formed the Council of Spiders to gain seats on the Ruling Council alongside the priestesses of Lolth.[1] A major method was to get the support of a higher-ranking wizard.[2]

Raelaryn Xorlarrin, one of the Council's elders, invited his cousin Hoshtar to a meeting in the ruins of House Srune'Lett's compound in Narbondellyn.[3] During the meeting, Raelaryn and an elder from House Barrison Del'Armgo were killed by Merinid Dalael, an assassin from the Jaezred Chaulssin, and Hoshtar was taken captive.[4] Adventurers in the employ of House Xorlarrin, House Melarn, and Bregan D'aerthe arrived looking for the prisoner, resulting in a fight with the Council of Spiders.[5] However, the adventurers defeated the Merinid and rescued Hoshtarr, discovering the assassins' plot.[6]

The Council also set up a meeting with the Archmage of Menzoberranzan, Gromph Baenre.[7]

By the time of the Rage of Demons the Council was sponsored by renegade archmage Vizeran DeVir[8] and they supported him in plots against the Matron mothers[9]


Elders of the Council of Spiders included Raelaryn Xorlarrin and a low-ranking noble of House Barrison Del'Armgo.[10] Other members from House Xorlarrin were senior wizards Filraen and Nym Brael and junior wizards Krenaste and Tarlyn.[11]


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