The Council of Tarmalune was the council that ruled the city of Tarmalune, one of the Windrise Ports of Laerakond.[1]


The Council of Tarmalune was an assembly of twenty traders of many races and both genders, although human males from rich families were predominant among its ranks. The Council was led by a Lord Speaker, who also doubled as the major of Tarmalune and the leader of the Vigilant.[1] The Lord Speaker was aided in his or her day-to-day obligations by a staff of city officials known as "Haveners", who were mostly females.[2]

The members of the Council met in Haven Towers every seven nights to discuss important matters. They decided the city's policies by voting. At least twelve assenting votes were necessary to pass laws and to enact new policies.[1]

The members of the Council were also responsible for resolving law disputes in the city. Known as the "Court of the Council", this process required that at least four members of the Council were present to judge any legal dispute. Regardless of the number of councilors present in the Court, three-quarters of them had to agree on a verdict or the accused party could go free of charges. Members of the Council disliked having to make such judgments, however, so usually city clerks or even individual Vigilants tried to solve problems by talking with the involved individuals whenever possible.[1]

The people of Tarmalune avoided dealing too much with the members of the Council as well, as the citizens deemed them either too stupid or too corrupted, and only went to speak with them when they needed to solve something through legal procedures.[1]


In 1479 DR, the Lord Speaker of Tarmalune was Hamminas Dorn.[1]

The Council had made only one universally popular decision in all its history: establishing the "Firequench Order", a few years before 1479 DR.[3]

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