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The Council of Twelve was the ruling body of Myth Drannor from 667 DR until the fall of the city.[1]


In 667 DR, after the death of Eltargrim Irithyl and his niece Aravae Irithyl, and the disappearance of the Srinshee, the Court High Mage Shyael Ildacer called a council of nobles and representative members of each of the races living in Myth Drannor to discuss how to rule the city from that point on. This became the early Council of Twelve and Shyael was granted a seat in it.[1]

Council's initial formation[]

Council's composition at the start of the Weeping War[]

  • Ualair the Silent
  • Khyssoun Ammath
  • Irhaal Argentaamn, moon elf, High Court Mage
  • Kelvhan Olortynnal
  • Josidiah Starym, gold elf, Spell-Major
  • Venali Staryrn
  • Yrneha Maerdrym, moon elf House Elder
  • Phraan Audark
  • Trasaal the Gold Mage, human, Senior Armathor officer
  • Artair Tromostar, gnome, Akh'Faer officer
  • Kovimal Honedaxe
  • Jarrod Tallhill, halfling, Hill Voice (elect)