Court herald was a prestige class in Faerûn that was closely related to that of the Loremaster. Heralds focused primarily on gaining knowledge.[1]

Becoming a heraldEdit

Anyone who decided to enter into this prestige class was visited by two experienced heralds who presented the novice with several books containing general lore. After answering questions from the prospective herald, they provided him or her with contacts, usually in the form of knowledgeable sages or Harpers, then took their leave. They later checked up on the student, sometimes in secret, reporting his or her progress to even more learned heralds.[1]


All Heralds came across various tidbits of practical information that helped them improve themselves in some way or another.[1]
Court heralds gained knowledge and lore in the same manner as bards.[1]
True Lore
Heralds gained the ability to use their lore, once per day, as per a legend lore or analyze dweomer spell.[1]


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