A cow was a type of animal that was used for the production of beef and milk, the latter of which could be turned into cheese.[citation needed]

A cow usually sold for about ten gold pieces, and they were often used as trade goods.[6]


Cows could charge their opponents in battle, as well as gore them with their horns.[2]


Many recipes throughout the Realms required products specifically from cows, such as pepper cheese and later varieties of Elturian Grey, which used cheese, and breek, which used beef. Such products were exported across Faerûn, as well as cows themselves, i.e., from Chessenta and Saradush.[7]

Inhabitants across Faerûn were known for naming buildings such as taverns after the creatures, such as the Happy Cow in Daggerford, and the Blue Cow in Saerloon.[8][9]


The deity Hathor appeared to have the head of a cow.[10]



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