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Cracker and Whacker were twin morning stars that were the chief weapons of the dwarf Athrogate.[2]


Cracker and Whacker were both gray glassteel morning stars, with spiked metal heads attached to the ends of adamantine chains.[1][note 1] Athrogate generally wielded Cracker in the left hand and Whacker in the right hand.[2]


On command, Cracker emitted from the small nubs on the striking ball a dark reddish and chalky fluid, the ichor of a rust monster, which corroded other metals on contact.[1] Whacker coated itself with a clear, blue-gray, oily liquid known as oil of impact, which oozed from the spikes. Used together, with first a strike by Cracker then strikes by Whacker, Athrogate could smash anything from a thick iron wall to an iron golem into rust flakes.[1][2][3]


In 1484 DR, Athrogate used his morning stars to smash through the iron wall sealing off Mithral Hall from the Underdark.[2]



  1. The novels' descriptions of Athrogate's "morning stars" are very similar to that of flails, especially in D&D v.3.5 rules. However, in medieval weaponry, the name "morning star" mainly referred to the spiked ball head of a weapon, which could be attached to a handle (like a mace) or a chain (like a flail). Therefore, this name and description of "morning star" are accurate.