The Crawling Spider was a tavern located in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep in the 1360s DR.[1]

Interior[edit | edit source]

Atmosphere[edit | edit source]

The tavern had a mock underground decor made from plaster and rock rubble. Stuffed spiders hung from the ceiling, giving the tavern its namesake. Waitresses wore all-black body-suits, short chainmail, and drow masks.[2]

The tavern was dimly lit by glowing globes.[1] The decor included other monstrous-themed items like a purple-tentacle hat hook.[2]

Many of the "cave" mouths led to private chambers, the jakes, and even a cellar-level dance floor.[1]

Services[edit | edit source]

Food offerings varied each night, but the fee was always 1 sp per person. The fare included a soup, a loaf of bread, meat, and fried greens. Ale was 2 cp per tankard, stout 4 cp, and zzar or wine was 5 cp per tallglass. Poor-tasting whisky was offered at 1 sp per flagon.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The Crawling Spider was owned by a short human female named Welvreene Thalmit. She was a romantic at heart and loved adventurers.[1]

In 1364 DR, Elaith Craulnober had a brief meeting with serving wench, thief, and part-time lover, Winnifer Fleetfingers, when he learned of the quiet infiltration of the Knights of the Shield into Waterdeep. [2]

Patrons[edit | edit source]

Typical patrons of the Crawling Spider included dwarves, half-orcs, and other subterranean creatures. Additionally priests of all faiths and adventurers were part of the regular clientele.[1]

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