Crawling Darkness was a divine evocation spell that conjured a shroud of dark appendages that surrounded the caster.[1]


When this spell was cast, the cleric was enveloped in shadowy, semi-corporeal tentacles. Their body was obscured by these dark appendages, though they could still see with complete clarity.[1]

The shroud moved with the casting cleric and offered them some effects and protects as per a few other spells: feather fall, water walk and slay insect. In the latter case, the tentacles killed any swarm of insects they encountered and then dissipated.[1]


The specifications of this spell were revealed by the Sharran relic Gorothir's Girdle.[1]


In addition to verbal, somatic, and material components. The latter of which included a bit of spiderweb, a small amount of soot, and a tentacle taken from any sea animal.[1]



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