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Create crypt servant was a necromancy spell unique to Zakhara, the Land of Fate. This spell was usable by wizards and priests (clerics).[1][2]


Create crypt servant was used, similarly to the simpler animate dead spell, to reanimate the body of a deceased person as a special undead called a crypt servant, that was especially suited to protect and maintain a designated tomb. The spell had to be performed at the burial place intended as the servant's domain in order to function. Apart from conventional means, a crypt servant could be destroyed by the reversed form of this spell, destroy crypt servant,[note 2] or dispel magic. The spell intended for the even more powerful undead, destroy crypt thing, was also effective against a crypt servant.[1][2]


Apart from an intact corpse, this spell only needed verbal and somatic components.[1][2]


This spell was originally employed in the ruined kingdoms of Kadar and Nog.[1]


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  1. The province of magic is not stated in the sources. As a necromantic Zakharan spell without relation to the elements, it would belong to the universal province.
  2. The name and effect of the reversed form are not explicitely stated in the sources.


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