Create crypt thing was a necromancy spell used to create a special undead called a crypt thing. This spell could be employed by wizards and priests.[1][2]


Similar to the less powerful animate dead, this spell could be used to transform one corpse into a crypt thing. The magic was effective only within a burial ground or grave site the undead was meant to guard, and only a single crypt thing could be active at one location. Dispel magic was effective to stop the animative power of the spell. The reversed form of the spell, destroy crypt thing, could obliterate that type of undead[1] and was also effective against the less powerful crypt servant.[4]


Apart from an intact corpse, this spell only needed verbal and somatic components.[1]


This spell may have originated on the world of Oerth.[note 1]


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  1. The spell was originally published in a Greyhawk supplement.


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