Create darkenbeast was an alteration spell that allowed the caster to transform a few creatures into darkenbeasts.[1]


The spell would affect any non-humanoid, semi-intelligent mammals in a designated 20‑foot-wide (6.1‑meter) circle. It had to be cast in darkness, such as underground or at night as whenever daylight struck a magically created darkenbeast it would revert back to its natural form. Spells like sun ray and sun blade could also have this effect.[1]


The material component for this spell was the dried blood of a wyvern as well as a moonstone that was used as a magical focus.[1]


Circa the Year of the Helm, 1362 DR, a Red Wizard Maligor used create darkenbeast to shapeshift hundreds if not thousands of animals into darkenbeasts to be used as bloodhounds and his personal army.[3]




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