Create jungle minions was a divine magic spell available to priests of the Zakharan savage goddess Ragarra, and some specialized kahins. It transformed certain creatures into lesser segarrans.[1]


Depending on the power of the priest, this spell created three or more of the humanoid, crocodile-headed divine minions of the godess Ragarra called lesser segarrans either from crocodiles or alligators, or from demihumans, humans or humanoids.[1][2] Even unwilling targets ran the risk of being affected by this spell. Unlike with the related conjure jungle minions, this transformation was permanent, but like with the less-powerful spell, the caster could direct the actions of newly made segarrans, usually to attack their enemies, until they made a kill. The segarrans then consumed any slain victims and only afterwards followed the commands of the priest again. If no opponent was overwhelmed and devoured, the caster often was afflicted with a curse, showing Ragarra's disfavor.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required the priest to throw the dust of powdered alligator or crocodile claws towards the creatures to be transformed.[1]


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