Create magic tattoo, also known as create enchanted tattoo,[2] was a spell that allowed the caster to inscribe an decorative image within the skin of a creature, that was imbued with arcane power.[1]


Depending on the artistic skill and magical power of the caster, a magic tattoo conveyed a number abilities and effects upon the person or creature receiving the tattoo. Among these were an increase to their physical reflexes, overall hardiness, skill in combat, increased spellcasting ability, the power to recall previously cast spells and even outright resistance from magic.[1]

A creature could only have three such tattoos inscribed on their skin at any given time. They were removable by means of casting erase or dispel magic upon the tattooed individual.[1]


The casting of create magic tattoo had verbal, somatic and material components and required the skilled use of tattoo needles. The material component consisted of colored tattoo inks.[1]


The practice of decorating the body with tattoos was common among the Red Wizards of Thay, many of which were imbued with magic by use of this spell. They were particularly popular within the port city of Bezantur in the tharch of Priador.[2]



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