Create undead was a necromancy spell that created one or several undead under the casters service.[3][2]


A older version of the spell allowed the caster to bring into being a ghoul, ghast, mummy or mohrg depending on the caster's ability. The undead that the spell creates was not necessarily obedient to its master so it was often necessary to possess the power to command the undead before casting this spell. In order for the spell to be cast, it must be cast on one a corpse, and a black onyx gem must have been placed in one of the corpse's eye sockets or the mouth. The more powerful undead being created, the more valuable the gem have been. The gem was consumed by the spell.

The post Second Sundering version could target three corpses, these targets became ghouls under the casters control and where controlled within a range of 120 feet (36,5 meters). These ghouls could be ordered to perform simple commands like guarding and would perform the task until it is done, if no task is given creature will only defend it self. The ghouls would be under the casters control for 24 hours and to avoid losing control of them the caster has to recast the spell before the time ran out. If used as a higher level spell the corpses target would be more and some became stronger undead to a maximum of six ghouls, three ghasts or wight or two mummies. All the same rules that this spell dictated for the ghouls applied to the stronger undead as well.[3]


Verbal, somatic components and the black onyx gem, two clay pots, one filled with grave dirt and the other with brackish water, and must be cast at night.[2] The post sundering version of the spell used aling l the same components except it needed a onyx gem for every corpse worth at least 150 gold pieces.[3]


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