Create undead minion was an alteration/necromancy spell that formed a single undead creature, made from either a corpse or the body of a living person.[1]

This spell was only available to the clergies of evil-aligned deities.[1]


If create undead minion was cast upon corpse, there was a chance it transformed it into a ghoul. The body had to come from an individual that had died within a day prior to the spell's casting.[1]

If it was cast upon a living person, the spell transformed them into a more powerful undead being, such as a ghast, wight, or, in the case of extremely powerful evil clerics, a vampire. This transformation took the spell's entire 10-minute casting time to take effect. During this time, the spell's effects could be dispelled or otherwise negated by disrupting the caster.[1]

The undead minion created by this spell was fully under the command of the casting cleric. If they died, the undead creature was destroyed or granted free will.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, create undead minion required a number of material components: the holy symbol of the casting cleric, soil taken from a cemetery, and a fingernail taken from the type of undead the caster wished to create.[1]


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