Creature Catalog is a Dungeons & Dragons Basic accessory published in 1993 by TSR, Inc.. It is a revised edition of the earlier Creature Catalogue.

Lurking behind these covers are over 150 of the most ferocious, wondrous, and challenging creatures of the D&D game.

This new Creature Catalog revises and expands on the older product of a similar name. The perfect companion to the D&D Rules Cyclopedia, the Creature Catalog updates old monster descriptions, provides information compatible with the new Rules Cyclopedia, develops monster background information, and includes new creatures and old fiends from the very best D&D adventure modules. With the Creature Catalog, a Dungeon Master can find the right monster to challenge any adventuring party, form 1st level on up.

* Covers and illustrates over 150 creatures not included in the Rules Cyclopedia!

* Contains an updated D&D creature index.

* Features new wilderness encounter tables.

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  1. Dave Simons is incorrectly credited as Dave Simmons in the credits.
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