The Crescent Moon was an inn found in the Temple District of Ravens Bluff during the 14th century DR. It was favored among, and catered specifically to, the halflings living in and traveling through the city.[1]


Quite modest in size, which was a blessing for the inn's regular clientele, the Crescent Moon's taproom featured a monstrous stone fireplace that erupted out the center of the bar floor. It was covered in several warming shelves, with thin staircases that allowed patrons to climb up for warmth and comfort.[1]

Most of the furniture within the inn was scaled for its halfling clientele. However, there were several tables and chairs in the back for visiting "big folk" (as they were so referred).[1]

Clients and activitiesEdit

The Moon was extremely popular among the city's halfling community and served as a home-away-from-home for many Hin travelers. The inn had strong ties with both the Minstrelwish noble family and the Silent Network. The Moon's proprietor, Harold Pierre, married Lady Kassandra, who served as deputy guildmaster of the network of informants and was heir apparent to the fortunes of the halfling noble house. While Lady Kassandra took up residence with her new husband in the inn, her family practically joined them, considering all the time they spent enjoying its rustic comfort. Furthermore, the Silent Network used the inn as a sort of de facto guildhall in the late 1300s DR, thanks to the influence of Lady Kassandra.[1][2]



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