Cressyl Blackbones was a male orc and a red half-dragon from the Thunder Peaks. He led a small army of orcs near the eastern edge of the Hullack Forest.[1]


Standing 6'10" (2.08 meters), Cressyl towered over most and with his red skin and ashen scent it made him stand out from the other orcs in his tribe. This accompanied by his yellow fangs and empty left eye socket compounded his baleful visage.[1]


Cressyl made use of a magic dire flail whenever he went into battle and was outfitted in enchanted half-plate mail armor. In addition, Cressyl was at all times with his pet howler, Spike.[1]


In the summer of 1372 DR, members of the Cult of the Dragon inadvertently opened a portal near where Cressyl Blackbone's orcs were resting. The ensuing combat was quickly finished by the orcs and they learned the secret of opening the portal from one of the cultists. Over the next few days, the orcs slowly explored the portal nexus that the cultists had come from, expanding their raiding until they met more resistance and counterattacks by the cultists.[1]


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