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Crested felldrakes, also called guard drakes,[1] were a type of felldrake often employed as guards by elves.[2]


Crested felldrakes were wingless draconic creatures with muscular hindlegs and a bright crest on the head.[2]


Like all felldrakes, crested felldrakes were good at heart, fierce, and loyal enough to defend their masters to the death.[2][1]


Crested felldrakes were immune to magic that induced paralysis and sleep. They had both darkvision and low-light vision.[2]


Crested felldrakes often lived alongside elves and acted as guards of settlements or border patrols; their loyalty meant they were excellent pets and protectors.[2][1] Wild clutches of crested felldrakes were sometimes dominated by a rage drake.[3]


The felldrakes traced their origin to Bahamut, who created them to protect elves after a group of elven mages helped the Platinum Dragon turn back a demonic invasion.[2]



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