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Crested felldrakes were a type of felldrake often employed as guards by elves.[2]


Crested felldrakes were wingless draconic creatures with muscular hindlegs and a bright orange crest on the head. When hunting, the crest would slowly change to red as the felldrakes closed in on prey.[2][1]


Like all felldrakes, crested felldrakes were good at heart, fierce, and loyal enough to defend their masters to the death. They were also clever and more than capable of working with each other.[2][1]


Left to right: leaping, tri-horned, hissing, and crested felldrakes.

Crested felldrakes were immune to magic that induced paralysis and sleep. They had both darkvision and low-light vision.[2]


Crested felldrakes often lived alongside elves and acted as guards of settlements or border patrols; their loyalty meant they were excellent pets and protectors. They naturally lived in packs.[2][1]


The felldrakes traced their origin to Bahamut, who created them to protect elves after a group of elven mages helped the Platinum Dragon turn back a demonic invasion.[2]



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