Crocodiles were a large carnivorous reptile that resided in swamps, rivers, lakes, and other wetlands.[4]


Being reptiles, crocodiles were quite vulnerable to cold, becoming slow and sluggish if exposed to it.[2]

Their four legs, though short, were noted as being quite powerful in terms of propelling them rapidly through their watery habitats.[2]

Crocodiles mated once every year, laying clutches of up to 60 eggs that they then buried beneath sand. Unlike some reptiles, a female crocodile was known to carefully guard her clutch of eggs against any potential predators. When the eggs eventually hatched the mother would assist her young in getting free of the sand, but thereafter would leave them to fend for themselves. As a result, typically very few hatchlings would manage to survive to maturity.[2]


Crocodiles typically preferred to ambush their enemies, sneaking up on them and using their powerful jaws to drag people below the water. While some would try to dismember their prey once below the waters, often times crocodiles attempted to drag prey back to their lairs before feasting upon them.[2] When attacking in a group, crocodiles would take turns tearing off chunks of their prey's flesh.[8]

They were also known to lash out with their long tails, using them to disrupt an opponent's balance.[2]


Crocodiles rarely had any natural predators, with the exception of humans, who either hunted them for their thick hides to fashion into leather or to simply protect their waterside communities.[2]

Myths & RumorsEdit

There were rumors that somehow crocodiles had made their way into the sewers of cities in tropical regions and were living off the urban environments' various waste and carrion.[2]




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