Crokek'toeck (pronounced: /ˈkrkɛktɛɪkCROW-kek-toe-ick[2]) was a massive amphibious demon that could transport other demons through the River Styx. The unique fiend was a prized pet of the demon lord Yeenoghu.[1]


Crokek'toeck appeared to be a huge mudskipper, but with large, regular sets of sharp teeth, greasy fur, and extended legs of a hyena. The demon had multiple tongues and a large, bulbous throat that was used to store other demons (and subsequently vomit them out). Crokek'toeck had an exposed stomach and bones that stuck out underneath it. When swimming, the eyeless demon folded in its two-toed legs, and used its fins (and even its tongues) to aid in movement.[1]

Though Crokek'toeck was unable to speak, it understood Abyssal, and would heed the command of Yeenoghu. The 160 ft (49 m) long demon would also manically cackle like a hyena.[1]


Being surprisingly swift on land and in sea, the towering fiend was able to carry and transport multiple demons through the Abyss and the Styx. Being able to transfer hundreds of creatures from place to place, as well as even Yeenoghu himself, made Crokek'toeck an ideal transporter. The creature was also able to jump up to heights of 30 ft (9.1 m), and across gaps of 60 ft (18 m), passing difficult terrain with ease.[1]

A skilled transporter would not be without its defenses, and Crokek'toeck had several. Crokek'toeck was immune to the overwhelming mental effects of the River Styx, in addition to all poisons, being frightened, charmed, and even memory modification and thought detection. The demon was also resistant to cold, fire, lightning and all non-magical melee and ranged attacks. Crokek'toeck had a strange attunement to magic, and even magical attacks themselves would have a low chance to hit it.[1]

The strong and robust creature was no novice at combat. Bearing extraordinary strength in its maw, and combined with its magical attunement, Crokek'toeck was able to savagely bite foes, paining its opponents with magical energy.[1]




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