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Crows were birds with slick black feathers and black glossy eyes similar to ravens. They were among the foremost scavengers in nature, and their omnivorous diet, potential as guard animals, and skill at hunting vermin made them useful as pets.[2]


These creatures were very literal minded and often distracted by shiny objects. They were intelligent enough to be taught how to speak.[3]



Beyond These birds were found throughout the North.[4] In the Unapproachable East, crows could be found around the Tannath Gap and Rashemen.[5]

Beyond Toril, crows could be found on the planet Oerth.[2]


Crows were among the favored animals of the deities Gwaeron Windstrom, Mask, Nephthys, Shar, and Brandobaris.[6]

Crows typically harbored animosity towards owls.[3]

Crows were commonly considered in cultures to be a bad omen, as well as harbingers of death and misfortune.[7]


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