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Crow's-nest dragons, also called spiretop dragons[2] or spiretop drakes[1], were a species of dragonet. They were known for their habit of following ships to feed on fish disturbed by the vessel's passing.[2][3]


Spiretop drakes were slender, draconic creatures about 18‒24 in (0.46‒0.61 m) long, with a tail just as long as their body. They had a roughly 3‑foot (0.91‑meter) wingspan and weighed about 2 lb (910 g). Their scales were iridescent white and frequently compared to pearls. While they were often said to resemble pseudodragons, they lacked the tail-stinger of that more well-known species. When not in flight, their wings folded very close to the body.[2][3]


Crow's-nest dragons were curious, flighty, and chaotic creatures, though loyal to their companions.[3]


Spiretop dragons were capable of breathing out a cloud of mist similar to a fog cloud.[2][3]


Spiretop dragons made use of their aerial speed and agility while fighting, and were known to fight in swarms.[2]


Crow's-nest dragons were piscivorous and diurnal, dwelling primarily on the coast. They made their nests on the tops of seacliffs. They mated for life, and both parents took responsibility for raising the young, which typically came in clutches of 2-5.[3]

Crow's-nest dragons were considered a sign of good fortune by sailors, though if someone killed even one of the flock, all of them would depart and never return.[3]

Spiretop drakes were among the creatures known to dwell in the outer ruins of Spellgard.[4]



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