Crow Dz Pong, also known as "the Wha'kai Choun" (meaning "the Lord of High Water") and "the wu jen of mo'Ki Bay", was a human wu jen and a notorious pirate active in Koryo around 1357 DR.


The wu jen had a mastery over water. He wielded the elemental forces of water and was able to summon water elementals to do his bidding. He could even run over the waves.[1]


Crow Dz Pong terrorized the coast of western Koryo, from Pyong Do to south of the Ziyero Ridge. His pirates assaulted shipping through the Straits of Koryo; survivors reported seeing him run across the water to their ship as water elementals emerged before their bow.

He also plagued towns and villages on the shore, such as by sending flooding high tides or infesting their water supply with venomous snakes.

Although outlawed, Crow Dz Pong proved too cunning for authorities to capture or defeat.[1]


His second-in-command was the infamous murder Rantoon Gwa.[1]


Crow Dz Pong and Rantoon Gwa operated out of a hidden fortress somewhere south of Mo'ki Bay, concealed with magic and full of their loot. Between them, they commanded two pirate vessels, one a warship captured from Shou Lung, which Crow captained, and the other a Koryoan warship, which Rantoon captained.[1]


Crow Dz Pong typically wore robes deep blue in color, with a heavy hood and boots black as coal, both trimmed in sky-blue ki-rin fur. At his throat, he wore a pendant with an aquamarine the size of a chicken's egg. His mustaches were braided and long enough to reach his chest; a jewel was tied to the end of each.[1]



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