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Crumblecake was a moist loaf from the town of Red Larch in the Dessarin Valley, in northwest Faerûn, made from nuts, chickpea mash, chopped roots and greens, turkey, and wildfowl scraps, and then baked together.[1]

When ordering a crumblecake in an inn, they were often served with strong sauces, and usually with fried onions.[1]


It was said to have health benefits, but it was not regarded as a "tasty" dish.[2]


Around 1360 DR, a crumblecake was sold for between one and three copper pieces depending on the size and quality.[1]

As of 1489 DR, it was known to be served at the Swinging Sword and the Blackbutter Inn in Red Larch, and ingredients were often sourced from a nearby walled abbey with farms, named Goldenfields.[2]




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