A crusader is a warrior in the service of a deity who acts according to a certain code.[2]


Crusaders are rare warriors who are in the highest favors of their chosen deities. These warriors are true zealots, striking in the name of their chosen causes with fury. A crusader will never betray her chosen cause willingly, and is a devastating warrior on the battlefield. Each crusader is bound to an alignment, be it order, good, evil, or chaos.[2] Crusaders gain incredible abilities, rivaling those of mages, and are capable of shrugging off blows that would be fatal to other warriors. Good crusaders are often mistaken for paladins, the difference being revealed only when the crusader is powerless to heal a wounded man with her hands or summon a celestial mount. Evil crusaders are among the deadliest people in Faerûn, and bring a blight of darkness wherever they go. Crusaders may arise in any part of Faerûn, from any race, but they are rare.[3]


These warriors gain extra accuracy and skill if they are harmed or injured in battle. A crusader also gains many powerful divine abilities and maneuvers, which they cannot select when to use, but their God grants them in the course of a combat. The maneuvers are rejuvenated by meditating for five minutes.[3]


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