Cryonax (pronounced: /ˈkrnɑːksKRY-o-naks[4] Loudspeaker listen) is the Prince of evil cold-using creatures, and one of the inhabitants of the Para-Elemental Plane of Ice.

Cryonax made his home, the Chiseled Estate, out of ice, rock crystal, and glass.

He somewhat resembled a yeti with tentacles for arms, stood fifteen feet, and weighed 2800 pounds. He had an aura of terrible cold.

He seeks to free the Archdevil Levistus.

On his own plane, he is opposed by the Great White Wyrm, Albrathanilar, a potent and cunning wizard.

Rumors & LegendsEdit

A djinni in service of a pasha from Calimshan believed that the Ring of Winter had the power to summon Cryonax.[5]



Tomb of Annihilation (mentioned only)


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