Crypt of the Shadowking by Mark Anthony is the sixth novel in The Harpers series. It featured the first appearance of Caledan Caldorien.

Under a dark cloud, Caledan Caldorien left the Harpers seven years ago. Now a mysterious and beautiful messenger from the secret society convinces him to undertake one final, reckless mission.

Iriaebor, City of a Thousand Spires, has fallen under the sway of the evil network of Zhentarim. With a fellowship of old friends, Caledan must seek an ancient magic to counter the dark conspiracy of the Harpers' nemeses.

Awaiting them all is a terrible secret that lies beneath the city.


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  1. The date of Crypt of the Shadowking is unclear. The book itself is undated, and has the Bron disappear and Iriaebor taken over by Ravendas "a year or so ago" or "a year ago" and other events seven years before the events of the novel. Polyhedron 93, page 15, suggests a date of 1364 DR, which Villains' Lorebook page 98 follows. However, Villain's Lorebook page 15 has the takeover in 1363 DR. Presenting... Seven Millennia of Realms Fiction offers a date of 1357 DR that is likely in error and referring to the events of seven years before. Finally, The Grand History of the Realms page 146 explicitly dates the novel to 1363 DR, with the Bron disappearing in autumn of 1362 DR, Ravendas take over in mid-Hammer of 1363 DR, and the events of the novel take place in mid-Marpenoth of that year. This wiki adopts the most recent source, Grand History. However, dating is further complicated by the following book, Curse of the Shadowmage.


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