Crypt servants were a special kind of guardian undead that could be found in Zakhara. The creation of these creatures originated in the Ruined Kingdoms of Nog and Kadar.[1]

These creatures were made via the create crypt servant spell.[1]


Crypt servants looked like desiccated corpses. Though humans were usually used to create a crypt servant, it was not unheard of to find demihuman forms as well. Some crypt servants even had the facial tattoos of mamluks.[1]


The first crypt servant encountered within a tomb attacked instantly unless a specific verbal command was given. If intruders were able to make it past the first crypt servant, then all crypt servants encountered within the tomb later would not attack unless their master’s body or possessions were disturbed.[1]

Any crypt servant would instantly call to its companions if attacked, prompting them to arrive within minutes. They focused their attacks on the last person to disturb the contents of the tomb. Once eliminated, they attacked anyone else remaining.[1]

Crypt servants were usually given weapons, but would attack with their bare hands if needed.[1]

Like all undead, they were immune to charm, hold, and sleep spells. Additionally, piercing weapons did not cause them any harm.[1]


Crypt servants usually volunteered for their task during life, though it was possible to use any dead body in the creation of a crypt servant. When not physically confronting intruders, crypt servants maintained the tomb of their master by cleaning, performing repairs, and polishing valuables. Crypt servants were typically very active initially, taking longer and longer breaks as they aged, sometimes standing motionless for years at a time before returning to their chores.[1]

Sometimes crypt servants were commanded by a crypt thing in the protection of a burial place.[1]


Because they were bound to the tomb of their master and not the outside world, crypt servants did not have any negative or positive effects on their environment.[1]

Appearances in FaerûnEdit

According to Elminster, a few crypt servants also existed in the ruins within the Undermoor, the area of the Underdark located below High Moor.[2]



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