A crystal ooze was an offshoot of a gray ooze that had adapted to living in water.[1][2]


These cousins to the gray oozes were very hard to spot when in water. Their translucent bodies were as clear as glass, but sometimes featured swirls of white. In order to conceal themselves even more, they usually chose dark, murky pools of water, instead of clear water.[1][2]

Unlike other oozes, they were proficient at swimming and wading through liquids. These rare oozes had animal-level intelligence.[1][2]


Crystal oozes were generally more difficult to fight than other oozes. Although they could not corrode metal, they directly poisoned cloth, flesh, and wood. They struck out at their opponents, much like snakes, and then tried to submerge or smother their foes. If the oozes directly touched any part of a typical living being, the being would find itself paralyzed and quickly consumed.[1][2]

Such oozes had a variety of immunities. They could not be harmed by acid, fire, heat, or cold-based attacks. Only magical and electrical energy seemed to harm the beings, except for raw damage from metal weapons.[1][2]


Despite being used to existing in water, they were also able to survive outside it for many hours, where they could hunt for prey. The oozes also scavenged almost anything for food, but nothing made of metal. Thus, lairs of crystal oozes could contain metal weapons and pieces of armor.[1][2]

As with gray oozes, they reproduced by budding (crystal) pods, which took up to ten days to hatch into newly formed gray oozes. If food was scarce, the oozes ate their offspring, but otherwise did not, and might live alongside them.[1][2]

They were known to dwell in various places throughout Undermountain.[4]






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