Cult of the Dragon is a Forgotten Realms 2nd edition supplement about its namesake, the Cult of the Dragon. Written by Dale Donovan, it was published by TSR, Inc. in January 1998.

No longer can the members of one of the most infamous clandestine organizations in all the Realms lurk in their comfortable shadows. No more can these men, women, dragons, dracoliches, and ... others ... scheme to subjugate all that is good and true while the rest of Faerûn waits unaware. For centuries has the evil secret society founded by the mad mage and Chosen of Mystra, Sammaster, labored secretly—well, no more!

This 128-page book lays bare the secrets of Sammaster and the secret society he created over 400 years ago. Herein is written the story of Sammaster's life, his triumphs, and his ultimate fall from grace, along with the history of the Cult of the Dragon, beginning with the its foundation based on an obscure line in a tome of ancient prophecy. Learn of the Cult's most powerful current cells, their leaders, the dragons and dracoliches that work with them (or for them), and their goals. Discover the many foes the Cult has earned over four centuries of treachery and industrious malevolent dealings. Also included are the details of some of the spells and magical items of the Cult and its dragons and dracoliches, including the one item that no Cult member will ever admit the existence of, much less claim to possess.

Read about the many magical variant and hybrid creatures that the Cult uses to exercise its will across the face of Faerûn. And finally, decide the best way to incorporate the Cult into a Forgotten Realms campaign by browsing the numerous adventure hooks for just the right scenario to tempt and terrify players of any gaming style.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: History
  • Chapter 2: The Cult Today
  • Chapter 3: Foes of the Cult
  • Chapter 4: The Magic and Monsters of the Cult
  • Chapter 5: Cult Campaigns and Adventures
  • Epilogue
  • Appendix 1: Dragon Deities
  • Appendix 1: School of Incantation


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