• Movie news! Plot details of the Dungeons & Dragons movie have been reported, giving character names, the gold dragon Palarandusk, and a quest for the Eye of Vecna! (Better that than the Head...) True or not, we have all the details compiled.
  • Regis87 wanted us to hit 30,000 articles before the end of the year, but we got there much earlier than that. The lucky 30,000th article is the ring of animal influence from Sir Whiteout, who powered to the finish line with an arsenal of magic items and a tree full of trained monkeys banging away on keyboards.
  • Sorry for the lack of clacks; I was attacked by a vasuthant and lost all track of time. Now, let's catch up.
  • Moviesign has been wandering Cormyr, getting gossip from court ladies Darlutheene Ambershields and Blaerla Roaringhorn about exiled noble Sabran Cormaeril. Later, he was a guest of Ingleiyr Tammarast, the rustic lord of Landuth, enjoying a humble meal that included the rare treat of pumpkin.
Brawl at the Yawning Portal-5e

The fight for 30k won't be like this, we promise.

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