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  • Happy Birthday, Forgotten Realms Wiki! Since its creation on October 1st, 2005, it's seen fifteen years; three domain names; three D&D editions; over 120 years of timeline advancement; stacks of sourcebooks, novels, comics, and games; up to 1.6 million visiting devices a month; over 33,400 articles; and countless dedicated editors who've kept it all going and thriving. There are far too many to name, but I thank each and every one for all their hard work and enthusiasm. I thank the fans for reading our articles; we're glad to have given entertainment, inspiration, and guidance to the Realms and D&D. And I thank the designers, writers, and artists for giving us all such a rich world to explore.
  • Take a look at our infographic on the Twitter page and see our goals and early history here.

Tyrants aren't always this obvious, and some really are. Depose them while you still can.

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