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A curse was a powerful, negative magical effect. In general, a curse was hard to remove. Only a handful of specialized spells could hope to remove even a weak curse. A more powerful curse needed great power to remove, if it was possible to remove at all.

A curse, by itself, was not evil. Curses were often used as punishments or handicaps, by everyone, regardless of alignment.

The fancy stone tremair, when worn next to the skin, was known to grant immunity to all magical curses.[1]

Types of curses[]

  • Spell Curses-The simplest and most basic curse is the one created by the spell bestow curse. Other common spell curses are bestow greater curse, curse water, geas/quest, Laeral's crowning touch, and lesser geas.
  • Item Curses-Any mundane or magical item can fall under a curse, and pass that curse unto others that possess the item. Often this type of item is created as a trap by an individual, an accident, or the decay of time.[2]
  • Family Curses-This type of curse often starts off as one of the other types, but changes over time to affect the whole family of the individual cursed. In some rare cases a powerful curse can be put on a whole family.[3]
  • Undead-The existence of undead is a curse on life.[4]
  • Divine Curses-This type of curse is inflicted on a person, place or thing in accord with a gods ethos. They are always powerful and often spectacular.[5]
  • Unknowable Curses-This is the final catch all category for the wild and very powerful curses.