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Curse of the Azure Bonds is a Forgotten Realms adventure published in 1989 by TSR, Inc.[1]

Day breaks, and the crowing of a distant rooster wakes you from all-too-short sleep. Another day of adventure, you think as you arise - but then you stop short. You, and all of your companions, have an elaborate blue tattoo covering most of your sword arm!

And there's more to these marks than a drunken prank. As you try to find out the source and meaning of your new adornment, you are drawn further and further into danger and mystery. Will you become a pawn in somebody else's power game, or will you fight for your freedom and individuality?[4]

Curse of the Azure Bonds is an adventure set in the FORGOTTEN REALMS game world for the AD&D 2nd Edition game. It is based on the best-selling novel, Azure Bonds, by Jeff Grubb and Kate Novak. And watch for the Azure Bonds computer game, coming soon for Strategic Simulations, Inc![4]


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Awakening
  • Chapter 2: Tilverton
  • Chapter 3: The Thieves
  • Chapter 4: The Sewers
  • Chapter 5: The Fire Knives
  • Chapter 6: Into the Realms
  • Chapter 7: Yulash
  • Chapter 8: The Temple of Moander
  • Chapter 9: Zhentil Keep
  • Chapter 10: The Temple of Bane and the Tower of Fzoul
  • Chapter 11: The Village of Hap
  • Chapter 12: Haptooth Hill
  • Chapter 13: Myth Drannor
  • Chapter 14: Tyranthraxus!
  • Appendix 1: Major NPCs, magic items, and new monsters
  • Appendix 2: Wilderness encounter tables and players' maps


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AliasAkabar Bel AkashAlusair ObarskyrArcanaliArtur GrossmanAzoun Obarskyr IVBojanglesBurlanBurto MilibuckCastarCrimdracCutthroat McGillDracandrosDragonbaitElminster AumarFilaniFinder WyvernspurFluffy (dire wolf)Fzoul ChembrylGhast-LordGiogioni WyvernspurHappy HogunKinterlyKyborLethbron-StotMogionMumfrey MimlyOlive RuskettleRadathaRastafan DimetarRemarkusSilas GenkThaliaThimberelThungor TriblaneTyranthraxusVangerdahast Aeiulvana
Referenced only
CassanaGharriManshoonMistinarperadnacles Hai DracoPhalseZrie Prakis


black puddingclay golemcrocodiledire wolfdogdrowelfgas sporegelatinous cubeghastghoulgiant crayfishgiant crocodilegnomehalflinghell houndhill gianthumanhorseiron cobrakalmarilionneo-otyughogreotyughrabitrust monsterspectretrollwight
Referenced only
Abomination of Moanderbeholderdragonhordelingred dragonlichlizardmanmineral quasi-elemental


Nations & Regions
Referenced only
BattledaleDaggerdaleDragon ReachPirate IslesSembiaShadowdaleThay
HillsfarMyth DrannorTilvertonYûlashZhentil Keep
Referenced only
CandlekeepDagger FallsElven CourtEvermeetEssembraPhlanSuzailTantrasTeshwaveVoonlarWaterdeepWestgate
Buildings & Sites
Burgher's CourtGunderstone MansionLower CitySewers (Tilverton)Standing StoneTemple of Gond Wondermaker (Tilverton)Temple of Moander (Yûlash)Tilver's PalaceWindlord's Rest
Referenced only
Gulp & SwallowNorth Gate InnTwisted Tower of Ashaba
Cormyr StairsMarket StairsShadow GapSouthern RoadTilver's GapTilver Stairs
Referenced only
Gnoll Pass
Haptooth HillStonelands
Referenced only
CormanthorDragonspine MountainsInner SeaVale of Lost VoicesSea of Fallen Stars
Referenced only
Lower planes


Magic Weapons
Blade of Lathander
Magic Armor
Gauntlets of Moandergauntlets of ogre powerHelm of the Dragonrobes of defense
Magic Accessories
bracers of defensebrooch of shieldingring of invisibilityering of teleportation
potion of extra healingpotion of healing
charm monstercommanddetect invisibledetect magicdimension doordisintegratedispel magicfeather fallgeasglyph of wardinghastehealhold personinvisibilityknocklevitatelightmagic mouthprotection from lycanthropesprotection from normal missilesrestorationsanctuarysilence, 15' radiusstinking cloudsymbol of painunholy wordwizard lock
azure bondsgolden lionsholy symbolpool of radiancewand of wonder


Fire KnivesGrossmanGunderstoneHarpersNew Alliance of the BondsPurple DragonsRed WizardsRogues of TilvertonSurvivors of MoanderZhentarim
Referenced only
Iron ThroneRed PlumesWitches of Rashemen




Food & Drink
alecabbageflourmeadpotatosalted meat
Referenced only
drow paralysis poisonoil
axebroad sworddaggerhammerhand-held crossbowlong swordquarrel (item)short swordstaffswordthrowing dagger
chain mailleather armorplate armor
Referenced only
Dale ReckoningFlight of DragonsRetreat
manual of bodily healthRunes Made Easy
backpackballistadart gameflagonhourglassrolling pintricrownyartingwhistle (item)
Referenced only
common coldlycanthropy



  1. The timelines of the original Pool of Radiance series of video games, and the FRC series of adventure modules cannot co-exist with the canon novels. The video games and modules start in 1357-1358 DR. However, due to the release of content related to the Time of Troubles, the Pool of Radiance novel was shifted backwards to 1340 DR. This spoils the continuity for the video games that originally took place from 1358 DR to 1368 DR (which now starts in 1340 DR), and the adventure modules (Curse of the Azure Bonds took place directly after Ruins of Adventure). For this reason, the events and timelines of the Pool of Radiance video games and the FRC adventure modules are considered non-canon. However, the background information about characters, creatures, locations, and items etc, may still be documented.

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