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Curse of the Azure Bonds is a 2nd-edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure module for the Forgotten Realms.[1]

Day breaks, and the crowing of a distant rooster wakes you from all-too-short sleep. Another day of adventure, you think as you arise - but then you stop short. You, and all of your companions, have an elaborate blue tattoo covering most of your sword arm!

And there's more to these marks than a drunken prank. As you try to find out the source and meaning of your new adornment, you are drawn further and further into danger and mystery. Will you become a pawn in somebody else's power game, or will you fight for your freedom and individuality?[4]

Curse of the Azure Bonds is an adventure set in the FORGOTTEN REALMS game world for the AD&D 2nd Edition game. It is based on the best-selling novel, Azure Bonds, by Jeff Grubb and Kate Novak. And watch for the Azure Bonds computer game, coming soon for Strategic Simulations, Inc![4]


Curse of the Azure Bonds revolves around a mysterious and malevolent curse in the form of azure-colored tattoos. Characters in the campaign become afflicted with these cursed bonds, and the players must unravel the mystery behind them while contending with various challenges and adversaries.


Curse of the Azure Bonds is the 2nd book in the FRC series. The adventure is designed for characters of levels 1 to 3.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Awakening
  • Chapter 2: Tilverton
  • Chapter 3: The Thieves
  • Chapter 4: The Sewers
  • Chapter 5: The Fire Knives
  • Chapter 6: Into the Realms
  • Chapter 7: Yulash
  • Chapter 8: The Temple of Moander
  • Chapter 9: Zhentil Keep
  • Chapter 10: The Temple of Bane and the Tower of Fzoul
  • Chapter 11: The Village of Hap
  • Chapter 12: Haptooth Hill
  • Chapter 13: Myth Drannor
  • Chapter 14: Tyranthraxus!
  • Appendix 1: Major NPCs, magic items, and new monsters
  • Appendix 2: Wilderness encounter tables and players' maps


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AliasAkabar Bel AkashAlusair ObarskyrArcanaliArtur GrossmanAzoun Obarskyr IVBojanglesBurlanBurto MilibuckCastarChessCrimdracCutthroat McGillClydeDracandrosDragonbaitElminster AumarFilaniFinder WyvernspurFluffy (dire wolf)Fzoul ChembrylGhast-LordGinaliGiogioni WyvernspurHappy HogunKinterlyKyborLethbron-StotLhaeoMixiliaMogionMumfrey MimlyOlive RuskettleOroxOsconivonRadathaRandall MornRastafan DimetarRemarkusSilas GenkThaliaThanatosThimberelThungor TriblaneTyranthraxusVangerdahast Aeiulvana
Referenced only
Benjil TurcotCassanaGharriMaalthiirManshoonMistinarperadnacles Hai DracoPhalseZrie Prakis


algoidankhegbansheebatbehirbeholderblack dragonblack puddingblue dragonboring beetlebugbearcarrion crawlerchaggrin gruechimeraclay golemcloakercrocodiledire wolfdisplacer beastdogdracolichdragondrowearth elementalefreetielfettingargoylegas sporegelatinous cubeghastghoulgiant beegiant crayfishgiant crocodilegiant ratgiant sluggiant spidergiant sundewgnomegorgongreen dragongriffonhalflinghell houndhill gianthomunculushumanhorseiron cobrairon golemkalmarilamialichlionmargoylemind flayerminotaurmoon dogneo-otyughogreorcotyughowlbearponyrabbitratred dragonrust monstersalamandersaurialshambling moundshriekerskeletonspectrestone guardianthornythri-kreentrolltunnel wormumber hulkvegepygmyvulturewar horsewemicwightwill-o'-wispwyvernxag-yaxeg-yixornzombie
Referenced only
Abomination of Moanderhordelinglizardmanmineral quasi-elementalowlpigeon


Nations & Regions
BattledaleCormyrDaggerdaleDalelandsMistledaleMoonseaMoonsea ReachesShadowdale
Referenced only
Dragon ReachKara-TurLantanElven NationPirate IslesSembiaThay
Dagger FallsEssembraHapHillsfarMyth DrannorPhlanTeshwaveTilvertonVoonlarYûlashZhentil Keep
Referenced only
CandlekeepElven CourtEvermeetMulmasterSuzailTantrasWaterdeepWestgate
Burgher's CourtForeigners QuarterInner QuarterLower CitySewers of Myth DrannorSewers of Tilverton
Buildings & Sites
Arena (Zhentil Keep)Axe and MinotaurBlack AvatarBruised StrumpetBurial GlenCrypt of ThanatosElminster's towerFzoul's TowerGorey Eye-BeastGunderstone MansionHeroes' RestKinterly's MagicsLast StopMagistrateMillery InnMoander's MoundNorth Gate (Zhentil Keep)Old Skull InnOparil's TowerRoaring DragonShrine to Bane (Teshwave)Shrine to Lathander (Hap)Shrine to Lathander (Voonlar)Shrine to Tempus (Voonlar)South Gate (Zhentil Keep)Temple of Bane (Voonlar)Temple of Bane (Zhentil Keep)Standing StoneTemple of Chauntea (Hillsfar)Temple of Chauntea (Voonlar)Temple of Gond Wondermaker (Tilverton)Temple of Helm (Essembra)Temple of Helm (Yûlash)Temple of Lathander (Shadowdale)Temple of LongevityTemple of Moander (Yûlash)Temple of Tymora (Essembra)Temple of Tymora (Shadowdale)Temple of Tyr (Phlan)The Master's VoiceTilver's PalaceTower of DracandrosWarrior's GateWatchful Eye (Yûlash)Whipwalker's CloakWindlord's Rest
Referenced only
Citadel of the RavenDarkholdGulp & SwallowNorth Gate InnTwisted Tower of Ashaba
Cormyr StairsMarket StairsMoander's RoadShadow GapSouthern RoadTilver's GapTilver Stairs
Referenced only
Gnoll Pass
AshabanfordHaptooth HillStonelands
Referenced only
CormanthorDragonspine MountainsInner SeaVale of Lost VoicesRiver TeshSea of Fallen Stars
Referenced only
Elemental Plane of FireLower planes


Blade of Lathanderstaff of healingstaff of the serpent
Armor & Clothing
Gauntlets of Moandergauntlets of ogre powerHelm of the Dragonrobes of defense
bracers of defensebrooch of shieldingdjinn ringring of animal influencering of invisibilityring of protectionring of teleportationring of three wishes
Wondrous Items
bag of holdingfigurine of wondrous powerincense of meditationmanual of bodily healthmanual of golemsNolzur's marvelous pigmentsportable holetome of clear thoughtwand of armorywand of fireballswand of forcewand of magic missileswand of wonder
potion of extra healingpotion of healingpotion of frost giant strengthpotion of giant controlpotion of giant strength
scroll of protection from lycanthropesscroll of protection from undead
armor (spell)blesscause blindnesscause critical woundcause fearcause light woundscause serious woundscharm monsterchantcharm personclairvoyancecloak of fearcommandcure critical woundscure light woundscursedancing lightsdarknessdelayed blast fireballdetect charmdetect invisibilitydetect liedetect magicdimension doordisintegratedispel magicdust devilElminster's blessingenthrallfaerie firefeather fallfireballflame strikegeasgiant insectglyph of wardinghastehealhold personinvisibilityjumpknockknow alignmentlevitatelightlightning boltmagic missilemagic mouthmajor globe of invulnerabilitymirror imageNystul's magic auraparalyzepenetrate disguisepoison (spell)polymorph otherprotection from goodprotection from normal missilesresist firerestorationrope tricksanctuarysilence, 15' radiussleepspeak with deadsticks to snakesstinking cloudstoneskinsuggestionsymbol of painteleportteleport traptrue seeingunholy wordwall of forcewebwizard lock
Referenced only
raise dead
azure bondsdome of forcegateholy symbolpool of radiance


Fire KnivesGrossmanGunderstoneHarpersInquisitorsMagistrateminstrelsNew Alliance of the BondsOrthodox BanesmenPurple DragonsRed PlumesRed WizardsRogues of TilvertonSurvivors of MoanderThe Horde (Hap)Zhentarim
Referenced only
DanewoodIron ThroneKinsorWitches of Rashemen


BaneChaunteaGondHelmLabelas EnorethLathanderMaskMoanderTymoraTyr


chain mailleather armorplate armor
trade bartricrown
Referenced only
Dale ReckoningFlight of DragonsRetreat
Food & Drink
alecabbageflourmeadpotatosalted meatwine
Referenced only
bookdumbwaiterglobehingeiron maidenstrongboxthumbscrew
Referenced only
pry bar
amberbrassbronzecoppergoldgraniteivorymarbleoakpaperplatinumquinartruby quartzsilversteelwax
drow paralysis poisonoilroyal jelly
axebowbroad swordclubdaggerflailhammerhand crossbowlong swordmacequarrelscytheshort bowshort swordspearstaffswordthrowing dagger
manual of bodily healthRunes Made Easy
Referenced only
Book of Bane
backpackballistadart gameflagonguitarhourglassrolling pinyartingwhistle (item)
Referenced only
common coldlycanthropy



  • Writing: Jeff Grubb and George MacDonald
  • With the appreciated aid of: Tracy Hickman (Chapter 11), Kate Novak (Appendices 1 and 2), Steve Perrin (Appendix 1), Jim Lowder (Appendix 1)
  • Editing: Kim Mohan
  • Cover Art: Clyde Caldwell
  • Interior Art: Dennis Beauvais
  • Cartography: Diesel
  • Typography: Angelika Lokotz
  • Keylining: Cory Graham


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  1. The timelines of the original Pool of Radiance series of video games, and the FRC series of adventure modules cannot co-exist with the canon novels. The video games and modules start in 1357-1358 DR. However, due to the release of content related to the Time of Troubles, the Pool of Radiance novel was shifted backwards to 1340 DR. This spoils the continuity for the video games that originally took place from 1358 DR to 1368 DR (which now starts in 1340 DR), and the adventure modules (Curse of the Azure Bonds took place directly after Ruins of Adventure). For this reason, the events and timelines of the Pool of Radiance video games and the FRC adventure modules are considered non-canon. However, the background information about characters, creatures, locations, and items etc, may still be documented.

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