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A curst was a creature that had been cursed into a never-ending state of undeath.[3][5][1][2][4]

Creation & Destruction[]

Creatures would become curst if put under the bestow curse spell by a powerful and evil caster, and then followed up with the wish spell. The only way to end the evil state of undeath, and cease being a curst, was to have the curse removed. The curse could be removed by finding one able to cast remove curse, or a scroll with the same spell.[1] Another way to end the curse, though it would also kill the curst in the process, was to cast the undeath to death spell.[6]


Cursts were humanoids with deathly white skin and deep black eyes. These creatures were somewhat mad, behaving very strangely in their day-to-day life, as well as combat. In this form, they could never age.[5]

These cursed creatures would often wear dark leather armor, and were sometimes infected with rot grubs.[3][5]


These undead creatures often attacked as they would have in life, except if they used thrown or ranged weapons. If they did not have weapons, or lost them somehow, they would rake with their claws and bite with their teeth.[5] However, as a humanoid became a curst, they became far more naturally armored and gained great resistance to spells, a form of regeneration, and a large amount of resistances. However, they lost all the magical abilities they had when they were alive.[1]

A portrait of a curst.

When cursts were defeated in combat and even utterly destroyed, they still would not die, due to their vile curse. After the combat encounter, they would become paralyzed and slowly regenerate, until they were back to their standard health. If an attacker believed it best to dismember the curst, this too would have no lasting effect, as their appendages would simply grow back. Unlike other undead, they were not hurt by contact with holy water.[3][1]


Cursts did not have a diet at all, somehow being sustained by their curse. They often only appeared on their own.[3] They seemed to dwell in dark, underground environments, such as Undermountain.[4]


It was unknown exactly how, but during the Godswar of 1358 DR, many killed in areas of wild magic turned into cursts.[1][7] Around the same time, those fighting off Myrkulytes were also turned into these mad, undead beings.[1]

Notable Cursts[]



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