Earl Cuthbert was a ruler of Cuthbert Fief in Hartsvale in the late 14th century DR.[2]


Cuthbert was a barrel-chested, round-faced man. He was balding and had squinting eyes. He dressed in a jerkin with the symbol of his fiefdom, crossed shepherd's staves, displayed.[2]


Earl Cuthbert was married and had at least two daughters.[2]


Cuthbert was in possession of a library within his castle that contained many biotite folios written in Metamorpherie, taken from the stone giants his ancestors had conquered. He claimed to have read all of them carefully.[3]

When in combat, Cuthbert wielded a battleaxe and wore steel armor.[1]


Earl Cuthbert always sent his taxes to Castle Hartwick on time, a matter that did not go unnoticed by the queen.[3]


Hartsvale shall miss you, Cuthbert. If I survive, you'll be remembered as the Loyal Earl.
— Queen Brianna, moments before Earl Cuthbert's death[1]

In 1366 DR, when Princess Brianna returned from her abduction by Goboka, Cuthbert was one of the first of the earls to support Brianna in deposing her father King Camden.[3]

During the battle in Cuthbert Castle against the false Prince Arlien, Earl Cuthbert tried to buy the queen, Tavis, and Avner time by blocking the doorway to the folio room. His battleaxe was unable to break through Arlien's magic armor, and the ettin slew him with a single blow that cleaved both his armor and his sternum.[1]




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